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Changes in Your Eyes Begin at 40

By Millennium Park Eye Center
November 15, 2020
Upload: October 13, 2020

You’ve heard the adage, “Life begins at 40.” But for your eyes, 40 is the time when various conditions and eye health issues begin to show themselves. Fortunately, advances in technology are allowing us to prevent, or at least lessen the severity, of these conditions. Since we care for the eyes of our patients at...  read more

Signs of Cataracts

By Millennium Park Eye Center
October 15, 2020
Upload: September 15, 2020

October is a scary month whether you believe in the Great Pumpkin or not. While most of us have a healthy fear of Chicago’s myriad haunted houses and of the scary movie marathons on AMC, there’s one thing about your eyes that really isn’t that scary — cataracts. The development of cataracts, the eye disease in...  read more

Eat Right for Your Eyes

By Millennium Park Eye Center
September 15, 2020
Upload: August 13, 2020

There is one universal truth of every American Mom detailing a certain food and the eyesight of her children. There you were pushing your mushy carrots around your plate trying to stall enough to not have to eat them. To which your mom said, “You better eat those carrots, or your eyes will be like...  read more

Sure, it’s a Laser, But LASIK Fears Are Unfounded

By Millennium Park Eye Center
August 15, 2020

LASIK vision correction has become commonplace in American society. Since the FDA approved the first LASIK procedures in 1999, about 12 million Americans have had this laser refractive surgery. Each additional year, about 700,000 LASIK surgeries are performed. You probably know at least a couple people who have had the procedure. LASIK actually is an...  read more

Protecting Your Eyes from the Lake Michigan Glare

By Millennium Park Eye Center
July 15, 2020
Upload: June 14, 2020

During our Chicago winters, it’s easy to forget about the sun. But the reality of our springs, summers, and falls is that there is plenty of sunshine coming off of Lake Michigan, the bleachers at Wrigley (whenever we get back to that!), and even off the greens of a golf course. We all think of...  read more

No Sleeping in Your Contacts

By Millennium Park Eye Center
June 15, 2020
Upload: May 14, 2020

Today’s soft contact lenses are quite remarkable little devices. They can correct for wide-ranging refractive errors; they can even correct for astigmatism. And they’re so comfortable we often forget we even have them in. That comfort also creates problems, however. Wearers sometimes wear their soft lenses to sleep, in the pool, or even taking a...  read more

When Your Eyelid Turns Outward

By Millennium Park Eye Center
May 15, 2020
Upload: May 14, 2020

Sometimes our eyelids can turn the wrong way. This is usually due to the weakening of the controlling muscles and tendons that operate our eyelids. When the eyelid involuntarily turns outward, this is known as ectropion. When a person has ectropion, the condition prevents tears from draining from the eye correctly, resulting in irritation. At...  read more

Treating Glaucoma with Minimally Invasive Surgery

By Millennium Park Eye Center
April 15, 2020

Many eye conditions have the unfortunate aspect that they don’t exhibit obvious symptoms that would alert the person that there is a problem with their eyes. Glaucoma is one of those. Patients cannot sense that pressure is building inside of their eyes, and the damage that is occurring with the optic nerve is gradual. It’s...  read more

Fish Oil and Dry Eye

By Millennium Park Eye Center
March 15, 2020
Upload: February 14, 2020

In Chicago, we don’t have Florida-esque humidity, but we have our share of sticky, humid days, especially in the summertime. So, it may seem odd that a person here could develop dry eye. Truth is, the humidity doesn’t really make a difference with this eye condition, where the person’s eyes are not sufficiently lubricated. While...  read more

Intraocular Lenses for Cataract Replacement

By Millennium Park Eye Center
February 14, 2020
Cataract General Information

Cataract formation, a gradual clouding of the lenses of the eyes, is a common condition, especially among those over age 60. At Millennium Park Eye Center we’ve performed thousands of surgeries to remove cataract-clouded lenses and replace them with intraocular lenses. We’re excited by the possibilities of today’s intraocular lenses (IOLs). They just keep getting...  read more