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How to Get Rid of A Black Eye

By Millennium Park Eye Center
May 30, 2016
black eye

A black eye is something that will surely make you stand out from the crowd. Whether you have a black eye from an accident or some facial surgery, it’s enough to make you want to hide under the pillows until it goes away. Luckily, with the help of ice and cucumber slices, you can get...  read more

How to Properly Remove Dirt From Your Eye

By Millennium Park Eye Center
May 15, 2016
eye care

We’ve all experienced that burning sensation that comes with dirt or dust getting into your eye. And although your initial instinct is to rub your eye to get the dirt out of it, this could potentially scratch your cornea or cause bacteria to spread throughout. By either flushing your eye out with water or using...  read more

How to remove tumors in the eyelids

By Millennium Park Eye Center
April 30, 2016
eyelid tumors

There are several different types of eyelid tumors, but the two most common ones include nevus and papilloma tumors. If you have recently been diagnosed with an eyelid tumor, you know just how frightening it can be. Luckily, all of our eye experts at Millennium Park Eye Center will do everything that we can to...  read more

What is a contact lens fitting?

By Millennium Park Eye Center
April 15, 2016
contact lenses

Yes, you’ve heard of getting a dress fitting or even a custom men’s suit fitting, but have you ever heard of getting a contact lens fitting? Although getting your clothes fitted is important, nothing is quite as important as ensuring that you can see properly— that’s why we at Millennium Park Eye Center offer our...  read more

The Seeing Eye: What You Can Expect From Your Eye Exam

By Millennium Park Eye Center
March 30, 2016
eye exam

Everyone knows that you are supposed to see your dentist every six months for a dental cleaning, but did you know that you are supposed to get your eyes examined every year as well? As a part of your body that often gets neglected, your eyes need to be properly tested not only to get...  read more

Three Glasses Trends to Stay Up On This Season

By Millennium Park Eye Center
March 15, 2016
presciption glasses

It used to be that the last thing you would want to be dead wearing were your prescription glasses. However, with the rise of the hipster crowd and trendsetters alike, one of the greatest accessories that you can invest in are your eyeglasses. From oversized tortoise shell to lucite frames, this article will discuss some...  read more

Soft Vs Hard: Understanding the Different Types of Contact Lenses

By Millennium Park Eye Center
February 28, 2016
contact lenses

There are three main ways that you can help to improve your vision: glasses, contacts, or corrective eye surgery. However, as one of the best ways to keep up with your appearance without having to undergo surgery, contact lenses are a must have. When it comes to choosing contact lenses you have a few options:...  read more

The Truth Behind Glaucoma Part 3: How Glaucoma Is Treated

By Millennium Park Eye Center
February 15, 2016

So far in our three-part blog series on glaucoma, we have addressed the different types of glaucoma and how glaucoma is caused. To wrap up our blog series, we are going to discuss the most important thing for you to know about glaucoma: how it is treated. Read on to learn more about how Millennium...  read more

The Truth Behind Glaucoma Part 2: How Is Glaucoma Caused?

By Millennium Park Eye Center
January 30, 2016

In part one of our three-part blog series, we discussed the three prominent kinds of glaucoma including open-angle glaucoma, normal tension glaucoma, angle closure glaucoma. Now that we are familiar with the different types of glaucoma, it’s important to know how it is caused. Genetics, fluid buildup, and pressure in the eyes are all contributory...  read more

The Truth Behind Glaucoma Part 1: The 3 Different Types of Glaucoma

By Millennium Park Eye Center
January 15, 2016

Nothing can be quite as complicated as your health. And as one of the most complex parts of your body, your eyes are equally as complicated. Glaucoma is an eye disease that can damage your optic nerve which can ultimately lead to permanent eye damage. And as one of the largest contributors to blindness among...  read more