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Should I Wear Contact Lenses Instead of Eyeglasses?

By admin
June 15, 2023

Learning that your vision is deteriorating and that you’ll need corrective eyewear is not good news. Luckily, there is good news in the fact that you can choose between two types of eyesight enhancement wear–eyeglasses and contact lenses. However, you may have heard a lot of negative comments about eyeglasses and are uncertain about whether they’re...  read more

5 Signs You Need Glasses Or Contact Lenses

By Millennium Park Eye Center
July 15, 2022
Man putting on his contact lenses in front of a mirror

Do you suffer from headaches and eye strain? Do you constantly squint? If so, you might need glasses. Headaches are a common symptom of eye fatigue, which makes it difficult for us to focus. Watery eyes and computer vision syndrome are other symptoms of eye strain. Weigh your symptoms to determine if you need glasses...  read more

No Sleeping in Your Contacts

By Millennium Park Eye Center
June 15, 2020
Upload: May 14, 2020

Today’s soft contact lenses are quite remarkable little devices. They can correct for wide-ranging refractive errors; they can even correct for astigmatism. And they’re so comfortable we often forget we even have them in. That comfort also creates problems, however. Wearers sometimes wear their soft lenses to sleep, in the pool, or even taking a...  read more