Protecting Your Eyes from Computer Strain

April 15, 2024

With upwards of 90% percent of people who use a computer screen for work experiencing symptoms of computer vision syndrome (which can include eye strain), it’s clear that kids and adults are having more vision pain and issues from computers, phones, and tablets than ever. Since using these electronics isn’t an option, management is critical. Here are some strategies for combating eye strain.

Take Frequent Breaks

The 20-20-20 rule is designed to preserve your eyes and reduce pain, dryness, and discomfort from computer vision syndrome. You should look 20 feet from where you’re sitting for 20 seconds, repeating every 20 minutes.

Adjust Your Computer

The computer monitor should be no closer than arm’s length, and the top of the screen should be easily seen at eye level.

Another way to adjust your computer is to tinker with the settings. Increase font sizes if necessary, and set the brightness to be natural, so it increases in darker settings and is less in areas with natural or artificial light.

Taking these measures can help prevent computer vision syndrome, which is eye strain associated with prolonged screen exposure.

Control Glare

Even if your computer is positioned correctly, if you work in an overly bright room, you could still suffer from eye strain. You might not be able to do much about the fluorescent lighting in your office, but you can turn lights in your cubicle off or down and close windows or blinds. Many computers also have features that limit blue light or glare to reduce eye strain.

Use Eye Drops

Did you know that the bright light of the computer reduces how often you blink? If you’re susceptible to dry eye, you might notice it gets even worse when you’re working but better when at home. Now you know why.

Since remembering to blink can be difficult to do when balancing a full workload, you might want to consider using eye drops to lubricate your eyes. This will keep the uncomfortable symptoms of dry eye at bay.

Minimize Screen Time

You might be obligated to spend eight hours a day on the computer for work, but lessening screen time in your personal life can go a long way toward reducing eye strain. Take a break from your phone and TV screen for an hour or two. Your eyes will feel better, and so will the rest of you.

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