What Is Keratitis? And How Can I Treat It?

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July 15, 2023

CorneaOur eyes give us, what some people would call, our most important sense. Vision allows us to view the world in all of its beauty. So taking care of your eyes is extremely important. Keratitis is something that people can run into for a variety of different reasons. The most important thing is to make sure that you get it properly treated so that you do not risk putting your eyesight in jeopardy.

What Is Keratitis?
Keratitis is otherwise known as a corneal infection. It occurs when the cornea becomes inflamed. It is often linked with both infectious and non-infectious diseases. It is imperative that, if you begin to experience symptoms of Keratitis, you immediately visit your doctor to get treatment and discuss what the next steps are.

What Are the Symptoms?
Red eye. People who are experiencing Keratitis often have an inflamed, red eye
Sensitivity to light. If you are having problems with light sensitivity, this is another prominent symptom of Keratitis
Watery eyes. Watery eyes are another symptom that arises with Keratitis
Blurred vision or a decrease in vision. Blurred or decreased vision is often present with Keratitis
The feeling of something in your eye. With Keratitis, it can feel like you constantly have something in your eye. This can be extremely uncomfortable and unsettling
Eye pain. A combination of all of these symptoms usually makes for a painful experience
Keratitis Treatment
The first thing to do if you think that you may be suffering from Keratitis is to go to your doctor. From there, they can discuss with you what symptoms you are experiencing and run some tests to figure out if Keratitis is the culprit. Once diagnosed, your doctor can get you on a treatment plan that is dependent on the cause of your Keratitis. These treatments can be anything from antibiotic eye drops, antifungal treatment, or corticosteroid therapy.

Get Your Keratitis Treated With Us
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