3 Things to Look For In Sunglasses

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July 15, 2016

SunglassesWhether it’s summer or winter, you should always wear protective sunglasses when you go outside— even if it’s just to check the mail. By causing permanent damage to your eyes, the sun is your eyes worst enemy. However, with even convenient stores selling sunglasses, it can be hard to decipher between a quality pair and one that is merely expensive because of the brand name. The next time you are shopping for sunglasses, look for the following three things. Read on to learn more.

1.UVA/UVB Protection
If you pick up a pair of sunglasses that don’t have a sticker or label on them that says they offer both UVA and UVB protection, put them back. UVA and UVB rays can seep through the glass in your lenses and cause permanent damage to your eyes— especially UVB rays. Because there isn’t enough scientific evidence to point to the fact that UVA rays can cause severe eye damage, just make sure that your sunglasses at least have UVB protection.

2. Enough Coverage
With trends in sunglasses such as round shaped lenses or long skinny lenses, it can be hard to find a pair that covers your entire eyes. However, if not covered all the way, the skin around your eyes can easily burn or get sun damage. Additionally, if not covered properly, the sun can seep in through the sides of your glasses and damage your eyes themselves.

3. Dark Lenses
Sunglass lenses come in a variety of different colors and shades. And although if they have UVA and UVB protection, your eyes should be properly healed from the sun, darker lenses are likely going to offer your eyes more protection. Additionally, darker shaded lenses will make it so you have to squint less and can feel more comfortable.

Sunglasses aren’t just a cool fashion accessory to make you look on the up and up. To ensure that you are getting the best results from your sunglasses, make sure to look for UVA/UVB protection, enough coverage, and dark lenses. To learn more about your vision health or to schedule an appointment, contact Millennium Park Eye Center today!


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