Win Everytime By Wearing the Proper Protective Eyewear

August 30, 2016

Eye Sports WearYou would look utterly ridiculous if you went for a jog wearing protective eyewear or elbow pads. However, there are some contact sports where you would look equally as ridiculous if you showed up without protective eyewear. From racquetball to swimming, this article will discuss a few popular sports where wearing protective eyewear is an absolute must. Read on to learn more.

Most team sports involve the use of a ball coming in contact with you at a relatively high speed. However, unlike sports like football and basketball, racquetball involves a ball flying at or near your face at a speed that is undeniably fast. By wearing the proper glasses, you can help to shield your eyes from an injury and make sure that you can get back on the court as soon as possible.

Whether you enjoy playing ice hockey or field hockey, you know just how fast that puck can fly at your face— causing a black eye or damaging your optic nerve. When playing either type of hockey, make sure that you wear protective eyewear even if it isn’t a necessary standard in the league you play in.

Do you remember trying to open your eyes under the water as a kid without wearing goggles? Not only did they burn afterward but they also likely became a bit blurry. Chlorine can dry out your eyes and cause them to become extremely uncomfortable. Whether you are swimming one lap or twenty, make sure that you always swim with goggles.

When choosing protective eyewear to wear while you’re playing your favorite sport, make sure that it meets the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. Resulting in temporary damage or even sometimes permanent blindness, sports-related eye injuries are something that is easily preventable. If you would like to learn more about protective eyewear or other eye related issues, contact the experts at Millennium Park Eye Center today.


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