What To Do if You Think You Have Conjunctivitis (And What Not To Do)

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May 15, 2022

There are lots of misconceptions about what causes conjunctivitis, which is more commonly referred to as pink eye. It’s a minor condition typically associated with affecting children and is known for being extremely contagious. There is some truth to both of those statements, but the reasoning behind why it happens is not as straightforward.

The very first sign of having conjunctivitis in your eye is waking up and it feels difficult to open, almost like it has crusted over. The next symptoms usually include experiencing a scratchy or sandy sensation, burning, itching, redness, and secretion of mucus.

The two most common causes of conjunctivitis are either viral or bacterial infections. Viral conjunctivitis means you have a cold in your eye, and can even accompany having a common cold or flu. Bacterial pink eye can happen along with strep throat or some kind of ear infection and usually causes more mucus to form and irritation.

Conjunctivitis is in fact incredibly contagious and remains so as long as the person is experiencing symptoms.

How Is Pink Eye Treated

If you think you may have pink eye, you should contact the providers at Millennium Park Eye Center to get a diagnosis. Treatment for conjunctivitis is very easy and usually only requires a prescription for antibiotic eye drops, but in some cases, this infection will go away on its own without any external help.

People with pink eye should avoid touching their eyes with unwashed hands, and they should wash their hands frequently before and after touching anything. It’s recommended to change your pillowcases often, clean your cosmetic brushes if you need to use them, and clean your contact lenses thoroughly.

Do not share anything that touches your eyes with others, like eye drops or makeup, and keep a distance from others while you’re experiencing symptoms.

Get Relief Soon

Newborns and babies are susceptible to this condition and should be taken to a doctor immediately if you start to notice symptoms. Treatment options can differ between adults and babies and may turn into a more serious problem for infants.

Overall though, pink eye is much more of an annoying condition than a life-threatening one. You can get relief from conjunctivitis by scheduling a consultation with the eye doctors at Millennium Park Eye Center in Chicago, IL by calling 312-996-2020.


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