Soft Vs Hard: Understanding the Different Types of Contact Lenses

February 28, 2016

Contact LensesThere are three main ways that you can help to improve your vision: glasses, contacts, or corrective eye surgery. However, as one of the best ways to keep up with your appearance without having to undergo surgery, contact lenses are a must have. When it comes to choosing contact lenses you have a few options: hard lenses, soft lenses, dailies, and disposables. Read on to learn more about each of these options.

Hard Contact Lenses
These types of lenses aren’t as popular as they once were because they aren’t necessarily as comfortable. But by helping with the oxygen flow to your eyes, hard contact lenses are something worth considering. Additionally, hard lenses can also be kept in overnight without hurting your eyes the next morning— a win, win for those individuals who forget to take their lenses out before bed.

Soft Lenses
As the most popular type of contact lenses, soft contact lenses can help restore your vision in the same way that hard lenses can. Because of their soft texture, however, many patients think that soft lenses are more comfortable because of the way they conform to your eye. Available in disposable and daily wear, you have two options to choose from in regards to soft contact lenses.

  • Disposable: Disposable soft contact lenses last for a few weeks or up to a month depending on the brand. These lenses need to be taken out every night before bed and soaked in a contact lens solution overnight.
  • Daily Wear: These contact lenses have gained popularity over the past few years. As their name indicates, you wear these lenses for one day and then dispose of them which means that you won’t have to worry about soaking them before bed.

Contact lenses are one of the best ways that you can temporarily restore your vision. Whether you choose hard or soft lenses, disposable or daily wear, the eye experts at Millennium Park Eye Center can help you choose the best option for you. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact our office today!


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